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Monday, 12/May/2008

Islay Blogging Roundup #32

Yesterday I promised you an Islay blogging roundup for today, so I think I better get going on this mild spring evening. I managed to collect a few Islay related links over the last week, although not much about Jura or Colonsay. Last week I started with the birdwatching, let me start with the whisky this week:

The Bruichladdich Blog tells us not to worry about the Port Charlotte Distillery Project. This is followed by The Whisky Channel writing about Good news from Islay, or that planning permission has been granted for the old new distillery.

Also on the Bruichladdich blog the news that they started bottling the Octomore. Being a proud owner of Octomore Futures I picked it up, but the first other blog (to my knowledge) was the OH Group writing The Octomore has Come! Takeshi Mogi brings the news of the Octomore to Japan.

On other whiskies John writes about Special Lagavulin & Port Ellen for Islay Whisky Festival while Tom of the ardblog is one of several mentioning the Laphroaig Càirdeas (even though in his case it is competition for Ardbeg).

From whisky to walking: After completing the last stage with a walk from Glen Astle to Soldier's Rock Becky Williamson completed her walk around Islay's coastline with The Grand Finale. An excellent way to complete the walk while celebrating a big birthday!

Bikers also visit Islay, Russell being a perfect example with his weekend with the bikers. Just one problem and a hint for anyone thinking of getting help from The AA on Islay: Don't count on it, at least not quickly.

A lot of people visit Islay for some birdwatching, regular visitor Gordon Yates is having a good week with lots of sighting and successful filming.

Ian Brooke and his contributors from the Islay Birds had a great week: Early in the week they watched an Osprey catching and eating a fish. Then an update on Big Bird Brother and on Friday this young Lapwing chick.

John Armitage has now left Islay for a birdwatching trip around the UK and Poland (he's also coming to Berkshire, if anyone speaks to him tell him to contact me?). Before that he reported a temporary reduction in the number of birds and finding a Pied Wagtail nest.

Jeremy of Islay Birding News writes about Corncrakes and Whitethroats as well as Whimbrel and Arctic Terns. No Islay nature update this week on Ron's Weblog, as Ron is on holiday (on Islay obviously).

If you're a teacher and/or interested in learning what and how they use technology at Islay High School, Ian is posting a reminder of the Islay Open Day.

That's all I've got time for today, I need to get to bed to catch up on some sleep. But not before providing you with the weekly link to the Scottish Roundup for the bigger picture, this week with Bringing It On…

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