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Tuesday, 13/May/2008

The Reappearing Islay Wreck

Last Friday I posted a picture of Machir Bay and mentioned the changes the winter storm which battered Islay this year brought to the beach. In the entry I promised to revisit an entry from last year, which I'm going to do today. I guess I could call it the Islay version of now you see, now you don't, now you do:

Picture of a ship wreck visible above the sand

Regular readers (or those who made the effort to trawl through the archives) will recognise the picture from the Friday Islay Picture(s) (36) entry. It shows a wreck in the sand at Machir Bay in summer 1999. Over the years it pretty much disappeared and in October 2007 it looked like this (another picture you might remember):

Picture of a wreck almost disappeared in the sand

Then the winter storms came. Back in March I noticed Scott Liddell's blog entry with this beautiful picture of Machir Bay. It looked like the wreck was quite visible in the picture, so I wondered if it had reappeared. During my visit to Islay in April I went down to the beach to check:

Picture of the remains of a wreck on a beach

As you can see the wreck has been dug out again by the winter storms. I'd say there's a foot or two (that's 30-60 cm) of sand gone and it's pretty much back to how it looked in 1999. It looks quite nice with the crags as a background:

Picture of a ship wreck on a beach, crags in the background

To be continued?

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