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Saturday, 24/May/2008

Honours for Mhairi Muir from Islay

Some of you might remember (or even know) Mhairi Muir. Last year I wrote about her competing in the Hamburg Triathlon World Championship 2007. A few weeks later her mother Carol contacted me from Islay and was so kind to send me a few pictures of Mhairi in action. Last week her aunt Terry left a comment telling me Mhairi had just won the Royal Navy Sportswoman of the Year award. It took me a while to find a report about it on the web, but I finally found something today:

As of writing this there's nothing on the Royal Navy website (in particular the Royal Navy News section) yet, but the Royal Navy Royal Marines Cycling Association has a good report about the Royal Navy Sports Awards including the award for Mhairi:

The award for Female Sportswoman of the year for 2007 was made to RNRMCA member LMA Mhairi Muir. Mhairi's list of accomplishments throughout 2007 and before are many and varied. Mhairi's first sport was long distance swimming, this transformed to tri-athlon and when she decided she wanted to hone her cycling skills she signed up for the RNRMCA and attended the 2007 training camp. Thereafter she represented the club at both the National 3 up Team Time Trials and the Inter Services Time Trial Championships where she swept the board winning both the 10 and 25 mile events in her first attempt. One to watch for the future Mhairi has great ambition and with continued determination she is sure to succeed.

During my research I also found two other interesting snippets about her successes:

Before winning the sportswoman of the year award for the Royal Navy Mhairi already came close in the Armed Forces sports awards, where she finished runners up in the Sportswoman of the Year category. However, the Sports Team of the Year award went to the Royal Navy and Royal Marine Cycling Time Trial Team, of which Mhairi is a member (there is a picture of her with the team about 2/3 down the page).

I also found another picture of Mhairi in action, not in Europe, but in Asia. I believe this is in Korea, if you scroll to the bottom of this page you'll find a picture of Mhairi crossing the finishing line of a triathlon. As her name is mentioned and she is running through the finishing line on the picture I guess she won the event.

Congratulations to Mhairi for all her successes! I suspect she's not going to rest on them, but build on them.

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