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Friday, 30/May/2008

Friday Islay Picture (59)

Yes, it's late, I know. But there's still going to be a Friday Islay Picture this week. This week I had already decided what that picture would be on Tuesday, when I found a blog entry titled The long (not very) winding road. In it Richard Pinnell writes about the B8016 on Islay, stating that he could't find a picture of it online. Well, he can now, here's one, a picture of the High Road:

Picture of a long and straight single track road

There is some interesting background to why Richard was writing about the road, a film in which the road plays an important part:

Together they chose the B8016 road that joins Islay's two biggest towns Bowmore and Port Ellen. the road is very straight, and they walked its ten mile length, Patterson making field recordings along the way, capturing the natural environment as well as the hum of wire fences, insect chatter beneath the surface of stagnant streams and the occasional passing car. Fowler filmed the journey, and later he spliced the footage together into a 25 minute long impressionistic film that captured the essence of the walk, the place and Patterson at work.

I don't know if and where it will be possible to see it again or if the showing in the Tate Modern was the only one. Islay doesn't have a cinema (apart from the mobile cinema) and I don't know what (if any) equipment they would need to show it. But may be it will be shown on the mainland somewhere? I'd certainly like to see it if I get a chance.

With that thought I leave you for today, have a great weekend whereever you are and whatever your plans are!

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