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Saturday, 31/May/2008

I'd rather be on Islay (Bumper) Sticker

First the t-shirt, now the (bumper) sticker: Two weeks ago I presented you the I'd rather be on Islay T-Shirt (picture of me wearing it), now I've got the sticker version of it. When I bought my Islaymobile earlier this year I decided that it sooner or later needed an Islay car sticker. When I was on Islay in April I tried to get one of the ‘ISLAY...and it's goodbye to care!’ stickers, turns out they are not being made/ sold any more. Meaning I had to create my own:

Picture of a Mini Clubman from the back, Islay sticker just visible

I wanted something simple yet recognisable. Not too big and flashy, rather something subtle. So when I created the ‘I'd rather be on Islay’ design I not only had the t-shirt in mind but also its potential as a sticker. Once I had established that the background of the sticker is transparent (strictly speaking it doesn't have one, the sticker is actually multiple parts of just the visible parts) I went ahead and ordered it.

Picture of the back of a car with a sticker I'd rather be on Islay

Today I finally had the time to stick it on to the car. In line with the colour scheme of the car I went for a black sticker, the black would harmonise with the pillars and roof yet be a nice contrast on the red panel. I decided to put it on to the right side of the car, that way it would probably be most visible.

I'm quite pleased with the result. It looks really nice, rather subtle yet instantly recognisable if you know Islay. It is readable/ recognisable from a reasonable distance (I estimate 1-2 car lengths) but not too big. Exactly what I wanted.

As you probably expected this is also a shameless plug: Yes, the sticker is also available in Armin's Little Islay Shop. Just in case you like it and want one for your car as well. For the time being it's available in black (for light backgrounds) and white (for dark backgrounds or windows), if you need a different colour let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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