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Friday, 06/Jun/2008

Friday Islay Picture (60)

So there we are, it's Friday again. It seems summer might have arrived for good, at least I'm hoping so. Picked a picture today most people would probably associate with beach, sun and summer, a picture of people waterskiing. Not that this picture was taken during the summer, waterskiing on Islay also takes place in April. With the spectacular background of the Paps of Jura no less:

Picture of waterskiing on a sea loch on Islay. The Paps of Jura in the background.

Plenty of space on Loch Indaal for this, not much risk of any other boats, waterskiers or swimmers getting in the way. Just a bit chilly in April. I think it took them a while to thaw their feet and hands after returning.

I won't be going waterskiing this weekend, not sure yet what I'll do. May be finally try to make some progress on the Two weeks on Islay in June 2007 travelogue again. Finally sort out my summer holiday on Islay (assuming I can still get something...). Anyway, have a great weekend whatever you're up to, whether it involves waterskiing or not!

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