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Saturday, 07/Jun/2008

Islay Hotel First Floor Views

Picture of a hotel under construction

Having just completed the latest update of the Favourites and Frequent Topics about Islay page I thought I might as well let it go out of date immediately. One of the frequent topics listed on the page is the former Islay Hotel in Port Ellen which is currently being rebuilt (and will get a new name once completed). The last update was in mid May, quite a bit has happened since. The walls of the first floor are going up rapidly and the windows have started to get their frames:

Picture of a hotel on Islay under construction

In particular the northern wing is starting to take shape, with the wall facing the road nearing completion. Not sure what the technical term is (I guess there is one?), but all the windows now seem to have ‘frames’. On the other side of the building progress is also noticable including the stairs to the first floor:

Picture of a hotel on Islay under construction, view of the south wing

Let's walk up the stairs for a few views over Port Ellen. First a view down Frederick Crescent, looking east:

Picture of a view down a road from the first floor of a hotel under construction

I almost missed it and moved straight on to the next picture, but there's an interesting detail in the picture above. The site office is in the dark building on the left. If you look closely you will notice a cask (or in this context I probably should say a barrel) standing outside of it. That's for the Spot The Whisky Barrel competition.

Picture of a view over a bay on Islay with a small marina

I'm not entirely sure from which point exactly this picture was taken, I think the top of the stairs. It's obviously a view over Loch Leodamais with Port Ellen Marina. Assuming the plans haven't changed at least one of the guest rooms will have a very similar view, I think that will be one of the most popular rooms.

That's all I have for today, hopefully more soon as the work progresses.

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