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Sunday, 08/Jun/2008

Islay Blogging Roundup #36

For a change an Islay Blogging Roundup on a Sunday, haven't had that for a while. Apparently there is some kind of European Championship going on, somewhere over there on the continent. Just in case anyone is interested. If not you're right here, where you can read what the blogs had to say about Islay over the last week or so:

Not surprisingly there are a few blogs writing about the recent Islay Festival of Malt and Music, from Germany there is a Rückblick: Feis Ile 2008 on For a few of his pictures visit his Islay-Bildergalerie.

I mentioned Joel and Neil of last week, they have followed up with the First Post, Post-Islay. Also new after last week are Feis Ile Day Ten: Homeward Bound and Feis Ile Day Nine: Pick Up The Pieces.

The next blog is quite international, An American with a Spanish wife living in London, England. His blog is called Brilliant! Cheers!, where he posted four entries about Feis Ile:

Also attending at least part of the festival was Matt Gibson. On his blog he writes Pause for breath and short holiday debrief, linking to his big Islay holiday collection on Flickr, in particular pointing out his Islay Favourites set.

Not about the festival (I think), but the Russian whisky blog I mentioned last week has another entry about an Islay malt, this time it's writing about Laphroaig.

Talking of Laphroaig, the Royal visit received quite a bit of coverage: Luxist writes Prince Charles Visits Laphroaig, Confirms Royal Warrant while says The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall stopped by for a sip of Laphroaig. It even makes it to Japan with Takeshi Mogi writing about the Royal visit.

I now think På väg mot Islay :-) means on the way to Islay (I wasn't sure when I first found it), as there are more pictures from Islay on Eschkes mobilblogg. Examples include Caol Ila sista stopp på Islay, 2 långnäsor Bunnahaibam o Caol Ila stängt :-( and Lunchpaus på Ardbeg.

From whisky to birds, starting with the Islay Birds blog and this lovely picture of 4 just hatched Lapwing chicks. Fingers crossed they will make it! Despite some rain on Wednesday the dry weather continues, so this Redshank can continue basking in the sun. In other news a Minke whale was seen rounding the green buoy at Carraig Fhada earlier in the week.

After almost a month away John Armitaga aka Islay Birder has returned to Islay and blogging. Among others he reports of Corncrakes and a quiet period with migration winding down and the first young only just appearing.

Jeremy Hastings writes about Wilderness Living and Hen Harriers and Orchids. You can read more from him in Ron's Islay Nature & Wildlife Report 22.

Ron also writes about his first visit to Foreland House Gardens and Lily MacDougall from Caol Ila on German TV (which I won't be able to watch, no thanks to geo targeting).

From Japan Takeshi writes about the recently released Ardbeg Renaissance and the upcoming Laphroaig TV live whisky tasting.

From Islay High School IslayIan asks Does ‘Less Paper’ mean Paperless? (The answer is no), let me also use this opportunity to remind of the ICT Open Day on Friday the 13th.

Bronwen from Life on Islay reports about of the Islay Mod - and still no rain. I believe some of the distilleries have started to wind down for the summer shut down, partly due to the lack of water.

Finally from Switzerland Tom of the ardblog reports that he's Zurück von Islay (back from Islay) and has discovered the Chamäleonkuh auf Islay (Chameleon cow).

That's it for this week. Almost. There's still the usual mention of the Scottish Roundup, also back to the usual Sunday slot with Britishness, Barack and Blah. Oh, apparently Germany won a game of football while I was writing this. Good night.

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