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Tuesday, 10/Jun/2008

Islay House Community Garden Website

Today I'm going to send you to a small Islay website I've just noticed. I'm not sure when it went online, according to the website in 2007. Somehow I've missed it so far. Oh, you'd like to know where and what the site is? Patience. Here's a picture of its topic, the Islay House Community Garden:

Picture of a large walled garden on the Isle of Islay

The website is obviously the Islay House Community Garden website. It provides a short overview over the history of the garden, their progress and how to contact them. For a nice picture of some of the fruit and vegetables harvested in the garden take a look at ziggymags' Islay House community garden picture. Looks good, doesn't it?

I'll leave you with that thought, I'm getting hungry now...

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