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Sunday, 15/Jun/2008

Where is written?

After discovering that a camera I inherited from my mother is capable of recording short videos with sound I decided to have a bit of fun with it today. Regular readers might remember that I moved house recently (not to Islay unfortunately, just closer to work). Here's a video of yours truly pointing out from where he is blogging about Islay:

Playing around with that camera and recording some small videos I decided it is finally time to get a ‘proper’ digital video camera. My only problem is that I don't know much about them. I'm wondering if any of my readers know about digital video cameras and can provide me with recommendations or suggestions? Here are some of the things I think I'd like in the camera of my dreams:

So if you have any suggestions or recommendations, be it for cameras or websites to read, feel free to leave them in the comments. I've got about 3 weeks before I leave for Islay again, I hope to have the camera by then.

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