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Thursday, 19/Jun/2008

Islay Hotel Approaches Second Floor

While Germany seems to be heading for the semi-final in this Euro 2008 thingy they are playing over there on the continent I thought I write about something much more interesting: A few more pictures of the progress at the former Islay Hotel in Port Ellen. Last week the first sections for the floor between the first and second floor were lifted into place:

Picture of a concrete floor section being lifted into place

If you compare the view of the front below to the first floor pictures from the last update you can see the progress made quite well. In particular the southern wing seems to have grown quite a bit with the internal walls springing up. The outside walls are now well above window height:

Picture of the front of a hotel under construction

Looking down Charlotte Street the building is really taking shape, providing an ever better feeling how it will really look once complete:

Picture of a hotel under construction next to a Spar shop

That's all for today, hopefully more pictures to come as the work progresses. A recent visitor to Islay also gave me permission to post some of his pictures of the hotel, I hope to post some over the next few days.

PS: Yes, Germany made it to the semi-finals.

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