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Sunday, 22/Jun/2008

Islay Blogging Roundup #38

With summer having officially arrived this week seems to have been comparably quiet on the Islay blogging side. The holiday season begins and people blog less. Hopefully I'll soon start linking to various accounts of holiday on Islay. But for now back to Islay and Jura in the blogs this (and possibly next) week:

Let me open the blogging roundup with a story not covered much by the blogs yet, but I think we will see more of it over the next few weeks: Drought turns the whisky stills dry writes the Observer/Guardian. In particular Islay is impacted (again) this year. While not entirely unusual it is particularly dry this year.

As already mentioned summer is already here, as Jeremy Hastings writes in Ron's Islay Weblog: Summer now here... Ron himself writes We'll Meet Again - On Islay about several encounters with Ken and Penny Williams. On his own blog Jeremy of Islay Birding writes about Marsh and Hen Harrier and reports of a Barn Owl Bonanza!

The Islay Birds blog is comparably quiet at the moment, nevertheless the Paisley correspondent has a Blackbird and two Magpies to report. On Islay a quick Corncrake count at Gruinart brought 10 calling birds. This weekend finally saw some rain, earlier during the week a bird count brought a variety of birds including 14 Lapwing, 1 Moorhen and a female Shoveler with chicks. Various blue tailed damselflies were also spotted.

Islay Birder John Armitage has a very early wake up call, followed by a great day out birdwatching. Watching a Hen Harrier's nest over lunch brought back memories about an abandoned birdwatching walk, but for a good reason.

From birdwatching to whisky: The Bruichladdich Blog reports of a strange idea, Fat-Free Whisky (fat-free as in diet whisky). Following up from last week they also announce that the Devlin in the Details. I'll let you find out why. has something to celebrate, and they do it in style with all the recent Ardbeg expressions in We've Arrived! hits 50+ reviews!

If you're based in Germany (and understand German) and would like to buy some of the Feis Ile bottlings you should head over to for their Die Feis Ile Bottlings 2008 und wo man sie kaufen kann series, starting with the Feis Ile Bottlings 2008 - Ardbeg Renaissance.

Over in Japan Takeshi Mogi writes a few words about Laphroaig Live while Christopher at combines a review of Laphroaig 10 Year and Quarter Cask Scotch with his reminder of the Laphroaig Live event.

I think that's enough whisky. What else was there in the blogs?

Interesting thoughts from Jan, who compares Islay with the island he lives on near Stockholm.

Having returned from his holiday Tom of the ardblog brings sad news about Persabus Pottery closing soon. He also promises to write about the man standing next to Arra in his next entry. The face looks familiar, but for some reason I can't put a name to the face.

I believe a (short) travel report about a recent visit to Islay is still to follow on /* basquiat's lovely winter riot */, in the meantime enjoy the various beautiful Islay pictures from a recent visit. Alternatively visit his Islay set on Flickr.

I think that's all I have for this week. As usual the reference to the Scottish Roundup, this week with Bloggers come to blows over booze. Hopefully not Islay single malt.

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