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Monday, 23/Jun/2008

Islay Water Shortage in the Press

Yesterday in the Islay blogging roundup I mentioned that I'm expecting to read more about this in the blogs soon. Looks like the press is picking up on the water shortages on Islay first. Yesterday it was only the Observer/Guardian writing Drought turns the whisky stills dry. Today two more pick it up:

The Times writes Water everywhere, but Islay distillers are running dry, while the Glasgow Daily Record titles Islay distilleries forced to shut down after being hit by water shortage. Not that any of them bring any really new information, all articles write pretty much the same.

Very similar quotes from Mark Reynier, who also wrote pretty much the same in the Bruichladdich blog a few weeks ago in Raindrops: Keep Falling. But then again Bruichladdich is one of the distilleries usually hit first after a dry spell.

As far as I know this isn't as unusual as it might sound at first glance. I've heard of the distilleries on Islay closing down or at least reducing production before. After all it's also not entirely a coincidence that most of the distilleries have their maintance shutdowns during the summer. It's just that the dry spell is much longer and more severe than usual this year.

PS: There's no need to panic buy your Islay single malt just yet. This won't translate into whisky shortages for another 10-15 years. On second thoughts...

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