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Monday, 23/Jun/2008

People on Islay in 1948 Video

He's done it again. Another fascinating video of Islay in 1948. After Port Wemyss and Portnahaven Ian Archibald Maclean has now started a series of 4 videos of people going about their daily life on Islay. Part 1 focuses on working the fields, but there are also other activities:


Considering all the machinery available today (I wonder if there's a record somewhere when the first tractor was brought to Islay?) I found it very interesting to see all the manual work on the fields. Life certainly wasn't easy back then. But there are also some funny scenes, I wonder what the man with the bottle at 6:49 min is doing?

Ian mentions that this is the first video in a series of four, I'll certainly watch out for the next instalments!

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