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Tuesday, 24/Jun/2008

Islay Show in 1948 Video

Yesterday I watched the first instalment of the 4 ‘Islay 1948 - People About’ videos Ian Maclean is currently adding to YouTube. This evening I'm moving on to the second part, which has more of people going about their daily lives around Portnahaven and Port Wemyss and some interesting shots of the Islay Show in 1948:


In this video we are introduced to Captain John Anderson (you might also remember him from the first video). He was the lighthouse boatman at the time and a relative of Ian. Looking at him in the video he looks so friendly with a smile on his face, an impression Ian confirms in the comments to the video (also read his comment to my entry with the first video).

Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to visit an Islay show yet, so I can't really compare today to back then. I'm guessing the Islay Show was probably one of the most important events of the year, if not the most important event on the social calendar of the year. It certainly looks like in 1948 it was a quite big and busy event. Can you spot the piper playing his music (No, not the one early in the video. The one playing at the festival)?

And now on to part 3...

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