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Wednesday, 25/Jun/2008

Islay Mariners in 1948 Video

In last nights second instalment the focus was on farming on Islay, this morning we take to the waters around Islay. After the visit to the Islay show Ian Maclean takes us out to sea on the films shot by his father around 1948:


Some people say it's a rare sight today, I guess it was a much more frequent sight back in the 1940s and 1950s: A ship unloading its cargo at Bruichladdich Pier. In times of container ships and roll-on-roll-off ferries I guess a sight like that is pretty much gone forever.

Seeing the ferry departing from Port Ellen I found interesting as well. The general mood still seems similar today, people standing on the quay and waving, people looking back from the ferry. One sad thing: You'll catch a glimpse of the nice old ferry terminal (at around 2:18 - 2:25 min), today a shadow of its former self.

While there is still some fishing going on around Islay I believe it's much much less than it was back then. I assume among other things because of the decline of the fish stock in the waters around Islay. Can anyone with keen eyes help me out here: During the ‘Men in Boats’ section, are there seals in the water right next to the boat (at 6:08 - 6:16 min)? Looks like it to me, but may be my eyes are just playing tricks on me?

Now let's see what the fourth and final part will bring...

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