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Wednesday, 25/Jun/2008

Islay People in 1948-1950s, The Final Video

All good things come to an end: Last night Ian Maclean uploaded the fourth and last episode of his ‘Islay 1948 - People About’ videos. The scenes were filmed by his father Duncan Anderson Maclean on 8mm film, from 1¼-hour original film Ian then compiled and edited these fascinating videos. The final instalment shows more scenes from Islay in 1948 and into the 1950s and also some of Ian's family:


There are a variety of things covered in this episode, at 5:10 min there's something I think Steve Cranston who writes on LOCHIEL (IV) - All about this magnificent vessel will be very interested in. Not difficult to guess, we get to see the Lochiel arriving in Port Askaig.

At 1:30 min there's a family day out at Kilchoman, at least some things don't change much and you can experience pretty much the same today. Actually, one slight correction: At 2:40 min you get a good view of Kilchoman Church seen from the Military Cemetery near Kilchoman. Unfortunately the church is now in a very bad state and I wouldn't be surprised if it is soon beyond repair (I've got pictures of it in April 2008 somewhere, let me know if you're interested).

I'd like to thank Ian again for sharing these videos and all the work he put into them. I assume it must been a lot of work to edit them and create them. But it's also what I like about the internet and modern technology, that it is now possible to share all these things with so many people interested in a topic.

The other 3 episodes are:

  1. People on Islay in 1948 Video
  2. Islay Show in 1948 Video
  3. Islay Mariners in 1948 Video

Highly recommended watching!

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