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Saturday, 28/Jun/2008

Izlaylolz! KThxBye!!!!1

Picture of a man filling a bottle of whisky with a funny caption

While Ron is pondering whether to photoshop Islay pictures or not I think we should go a bit further. Have a bit of fun. Not take everything so serious. Inspired by LOL Vogue : All Dat Glitterz Iz Mah Pantz I've quickly given some of my Islay (or should that be Izlay?) pictures the LOLcat treatment.

You might find it funny, you might not. You might want to join in, you might not. If you do want to join in and are on Flickr, I've created a group Izlaylolz where you can share your efforts.

Here are two more of my efforts, I'm hoping I iz doin it rightz:

Picture of a staircase under construction with a funny caption

Birdwatching is popular on Islay:

Picture of clouds in the sky, a tiny point is a bird. Funny caption about invisible birds

Right. That's enough Izlaylolz. Back to some serious business...

CD playing while having fun writing this entry: The Subways: Young for Eternity. Oh Yeah.

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