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Sunday, 29/Jun/2008

My First Islay Video - Machir Bay

Having initially struggled with the software which came with my new digital video camera I'm slowly making some progress. During my experiments I also played around with a short Islay video snippet I recorded with a small photo camera last year. The image quality isn't anywhere near as good as it will be with the new camera. Nevertheless I thought I'll still show you the results. My first Islay video, a view of Machir Bay in the warm June sunshine:


The software I've got is mainly designed to create movie DVDs, not any serious video editing. At some point I'll need some ‘proper’ video editing software (and probably a new laptop to be able to run it, the current one is struggling already), but for now it will do.

For now I hope you'll enjoy the video of one of my favourite places on Islay. Fingers crossed I'll be able to present you many more of my own Islay videos in a month or two...

CD playing again while creating the video and writing this entry: The Subways: Young for Eternity. Oh Yeah.

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