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Sunday, 29/Jun/2008

Islay Blogging Roundup #39

While all of Germany is watching and liveblogging the Euro 2008 final I'm going to blog about something more important: Islay obviously. It's time for this week's Islay blogging roundup, the overview of what the blogs have been writing about Islay this week. Let me start with some quite old Islay news:

Wired is usually one of the best informed and fastest websites, in particular in the technology space. So when I saw an entry Pentagon Agency Monitors Whiskey of Mass Destruction I thought, ‘how odd’. Apart from the dodgy spelling of whisky the story is 5 years old! Turns out they also read the story of Bruichladdich and technology and picked up on this detail. Interestingly enough this was then picked up by a number of other blogs:

Well, I guess Mark won't mind as it gives his distillery a bit of publicity again. As we are on the topic of Bruichladdich (hm, I think I need to pour myself a wee dram...) a few other mentions of the distillery:

Bunnyhugs had a Bruichladdich Tasting and got to know a few less peaty Islay malts. Food & Wine mouthes off about Renegade Rum, ACE'd by Bruichladdich. Last but not least writes about Bruichladdich Valinch in their » Die Feis Ile Bottlings 2008 – und wo man sie kaufen kann, Teil 2 series.

In last weeks Islay blogging roundup I mentioned I was expecting to read about the drought on Islay and its impact on the distilleries. I wasn't going to be disappointed: tragedy sweeps the sideboards of a nation far away is one blog's reaction. The news even made it to France, well, kind of: Incroyable mais vrai - pénurie d'eau en Ecosse!!!

In other whisky related blog entries:

OK, that's enough whisky. On to some animal, birdlife and wildlife related entries. I think I've mentioned the Japanese dog called Islay before, its owner has just written an entry in both Japanese and English about the name: Islay and Pals: The name "Islay".

It's fairly quiet on the Islay bird blogs. Jeremy is cycling to Paris this week. Islay Birds is taking a break. John Armitage still has a few updates with an entry about corncrakes on Islay and an update about the BTO Atlas Survey. Most interesting though his entry saying how priviledged he feels about living on Islay.

Anything else?

A Scottish Gaelic student at Glasgow Uni writes about Immersing yourself. You guessed right, on Islay. She'll be on Islay for the summer, working as well as improving her Gaelic.

Remember the drought I mentioned above? Seems it's over, Life on Islay writes about a Wet & Windy Week and a Busy week down on the farm.

Apart from wondering whether to photoshop Islay pictures or not Ron introduces Islay Artist Jim Lutomski and brings up the Protest against High Fuel Prices in Rural Scotland (which obviously includes Islay).

IslayIan also mentions the extremely high fuel prices on Islay before writing a detailed and very interesting Review of the Year 2007-08 at Islay High School.

I think that's about it for this week. Regular readers will know what comes now: The reference to the Scottish Roundup, this week with The middle of Wendy (think about it…)

Well, one last thing: Congratulations to Spain. They are European Football Champions 2008.

CD playing while I was cobbling this roundup together: the Fratellis - Here We Stand

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