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Monday, 30/Jun/2008

Dunlossit Estate (Islay) Website

Picture of a very young lamb

Dunlossit Estate is probably one of the better known estates on Islay, in particular among the farming and breeding community. In particular their rare breed pigs are known beyond Islay. I've mentioned them on this blog twice already, last year in the Rare Breeds on Islay entry and earlier this year together with a few other Islay news. On both occasions I wasn't aware of a good website for the estate to link to, this seems to have changed now:

I don't know when they upgraded it, but the Dunlossit Estate website now contains a lot of information and is regularly updated. There is information about the people who run Dunlossit, sheep at Dunlossit Estate (I'm wondering if the lamb above is the same as the one on this page?) and the already mentioned rare breed pigs.

There are some interesting pictures in the Dunlossit Estate news section: A waterless Loch Allan. No, not because of the recent drought on Islay, read the entry for details and to see the pictures.

A very nice and interesting site I've added to my Islay bookmarks to return to regularly.

CD rocking while I was discovering the Dunlossit Estate website and writing this entry: Primal Scream - Riot City Blues

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