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Wednesday, 02/Jul/2008

Liberty Belle B17 Flying Fortress to visit Islay

Tomorrow will see a very rare visit to Islay: A Boeing B17 Flying Fortress, the Liberty Belle, will land at Islay Airport. I guess it might be too late to book a seat now as they will probably all be booked by now, but Islay residents and visitors are being offered the opportunity for a flight around the islands. I'm not entirely sure if this is the same plane, but here is an excellent video of a flight with a/the Liberty Belle:


There's a lot more and up-to-date information on the Friends of TFC blog, the Liberty Belle - Update from Don Brooks entry mentions the visit to Islay. By phone from "Liberty Belle"! also mentions the visit to Islay with a bit of a rest day, I hope they will post pictures from the flights to and around Islay and other islands on the blog.

For even more information read the press release by HIAL: B17 Flying Fortress to Visit Islay Airport. To track her progress you can check Flight Explorer tracks the Liberty Belle. Fingers crossed the weather will be nice tomorrow for the visit and the flights around Islay!

The music nicely playing in the background while I was researching and writing this entry was Teenage Fanclub - Man-Made

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