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Thursday, 03/Jul/2008

Islay - Jura Ferry Woes Update

Picture of a small ferry, the Eilean Dhiura running between Islay and Jura

Running a bit late this evening, but better late than never. Something else wasn't running recently, in a way at exactly the right moment. You might remember the Islay - Jura Ferry Problem I mentioned in May. Earlier this week representatives from Argyll and Bute Council took the ferry from Islay to Jura for a public meeting with Jura residents to discuss the problems and their concerns about the ferry service.

Interestingly enough they almost didn't make it to the meeting. You guessed right, because the ferry couldn't run for a large part of the day they were travelling: Officials get taste of Jura ferry woes. They made it to Jura in the end and (may be helped by their own experience?) seem to have made a few concessions. Nevertheless it doesn't look like there will be a speedy resolution, instead it seems the problem will remain at least until the autumn, more likely longer.

Certainly not a satisfactory result for the people of Jura and quite a few on Islay. Something makes me think this wasn't the last time I've written about the topic. I wonder why that is...

No CD was playing while writing this entry, instead I was listening to BBC 6 Music.

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