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Wednesday, 09/Jul/2008

Off To Islay

While I'm not looking forward to the drive I'm looking forward to the destination. It's been pouring it down with rain down here all day and probably will continue to for a large part of the drive. I think I've just finished packing (have I really got everything?), now I'm quickly having some food before leaving. Soon the Islaymobile will be on its way to Islay again, hopefully leaving the bad weather behind:

Picture of a red Mini Clubman with a Lolcat style comment

I won't be arriving on Islay until the weekend, but weather and visibility permitting I should be able to see Islay tomorrow or latest on Friday. On Friday I'm currently planning to visit Gigha, so hopefully can wave over to Islay. If Gigha doesn't work out I'll probably be somewhere on Kintyre, from where I should also be able to see Islay.

There might be some blogging from the road, there might not. That will depend on mood, time, weather, mobile phone reception and probably a few other things. If there are no updates feel free to take a look through the archives, there are more than two years worth of them: 2006, 2007 and 2008. Or take a look at the Islay blogroll in the sidebar (that's the smaller column on the right), there are some good ones in there. Just make sure you don't forget me and come back here for when I'm back with some more Islay blogging ;-)

Oh, one last thing: Marcel van Gils, better known to many as the Laphroaig Collector, has just sent me note about a new page he's added to his site: History of Laphroaig. Well worth a visit!

Right. That's me done. I'm off. To Islay.

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