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Tuesday, 08/Jul/2008

Islay Number Plate For Sale

Would you like an Islay number plate for your car? And live in the UK (I assume you need to live in the UK or at least have a car registered in the UK for this)? No, it's not the one mentioned in the Islay and Jura Number Plates entry earlier this year. But this week there's an Islay car registration being auctioned on eBay:

Via an ad in The Ileach I found this auction: A Cherished Number - D 15LAY for Islay, Jura & Ileach. It won't come cheap though, as of writing this the latest bid was £510.00 and the auction will still run for another 5 days until Tuesday 13/Jul/2008 19:18:20 BST. Make sure you read the description, some helpful explanations in there.

If you're interested, happy bidding and good luck. It's already way beyond my price range.

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