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Thursday, 14/Feb/2008

Islay and Jura Number Plates

Picture of the 15LAY number plate

When I wrote about my new Islaymobile with its ‘part personalised’ number plate (that's license plate for my American readers) a few weeks ago Roger brought up the topic of personalised island number plates in the comments. The ultimate Islay number plate is probably the 15LAY plate, which can be spotted on Islay. The best Jura number plate I can think of is probably the D1URA plate, Diùra being the Gaelic name for Jura.

With those two names gone, what are other options for Islay or Jura number plates?

Theoretically you might be able to buy them from the current owners, provided they will consider giving them up. Just be aware that some plates command quite high prices, the F1 plate has just been sold for £375,000 (in words, three hundred and seventy five thousand!).

You could wait for the new style xx15LAY registrations, which will be available in December 2014. May be something like TO15LAY or MY15LAY will work for you? Thinking about it, the 15 series should also lend itself to a few WH15KYx registrations.

Close to Diura/D1URA comes D1VRA, if you're willing to substitute the U with the reasonably close V.

Those are the ones I can think of. Any other ideas? And what Islay (or Jura) personalised number plates (or vanity plates, I think that's what they are called in the US?) have you seen in your countries? I know this isn't really possible in Germany which has a very strict and limited system, but I think there might be a few Islay or Jura plates in the US. No idea what's possible in other countries.

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