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Wednesday, 13/Feb/2008

Islay Wildlife Movie by Gordon Yates

Picture of geese in marshland in front of a large white building

Two weeks ago I recommended to watch his blog for updates after he wrote he has made very good progress on his DVD of Islay. Today the Islay entry I was waiting for appeared on Gordon Yates blog: It is Wildlife Gems of Islay - DVD Movie. Gordon is a regular visitor to Islay, I was lucky enough to meet him twice last year during my own visits in June and October. He is a very experienced wildlife photographer and videographer (is that the right term?) as you can see in his work.

The Islay DVD Movie is the culmination of several months of filming, distributed over two years. The famous geese don't feature in the preview, but I would be surprised if they don't show in some way on the DVD. You might see a scene similar to the picture above, at least I've seen Gordon filming in the area (I think it might even have been on the same day I took the picture).

Gordon, should you read this: I'm very much looking forward to see your movie, my order is in the post! Will I see the scene above or something similar on the DVD?

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