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Tuesday, 22/Jul/2008

How to Spot Granny's Rock on Islay

Picture of a hillside with cliffs above, a cliff shaped like the silhoutte of a granny on the top

Earlier this year Ron was wondering where and how to spot Granny's Rock, the interestingly shaped rock formation above Machir Bay on the west coast of Islay. He mentioned the picture I took during the Kilchoman and Kilchiaran walk in 2005. Walking past Granny's Rock during my recent week on Islay I thought I can do better than just that picture and help him and others trying to spot it. So I took lots of a pictures and recorded a few videos. Here's my first attempt at a Granny's Rock on Islay video:


Picture of a rock formation looking like the silhouette of an old woman

Approaching it from Kilchoman Beach I think the best spot to see it is probably where path goes into a S-curve, two 180° bends. Just below ‘Creag Bealach na Caillich’ if you look it up on a map. Look towards the ‘Bealach na Caillich’, where the path crosses the top towards Kilchiaran. On the left hand side are some cliffs/crags. Starting at the bottom of the rocks just follow up the line until you're almost at the top and you will spot the silhouette of Granny's face. In particular the strong nose, the mouth and square chin. You can even see the tongue in her mouth.

Picture of a rock formation looking like the silhouette of an old woman

I hope you find the short video helpful, does it help in spotting it? I'm still learning how to record video, so please excuse the sometimes slightly shaky panning and abrupt zooming. Certainly something I need to improve on, but for now it's the content of the video that counts most.

Now this isn't the only way to spot Granny's Rock. Alternatively there's also a view of it coming from the other side, from Kilchiaran. You can see how she looks then in the picture on the right. More about that in another Islay video some other time.

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