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Wednesday, 23/Jul/2008

Port Askaig, Islay, 40 Years Ago and Today

Picture of a small harbour on a sound with cars driving off a large ferry

No, that's not Port Askaig 40 years ago on the right, that's Port Askaig last Saturday. I took this picture as I waiting to board the ferry, leaving Islay at the end of my holiday. So what does it have to do with Port Askaig in 1968, 40 years ago? While I was away Kenneth Connell posted a picture of Port Askaig, Islay, in March 1968 to his Flickr set 1968. In the set is also a closer look at work on the pier, which started all of this.

In the comments there's some interesting discussion and information, during which I offered to upload my picture with a very similar view for comparison (You can find it here). We cross linked the pictures, so you can switch between them to your heart's content.

Picture of a construction site with a round building and an old house being refurbished

The picture and Neil F King's background information about the work are very interesting keeping in mind the work currently going on in Port Askaig. The pier has been rebuilt over the last two years, work is currently progressing on the pier buildings. But that's another story, before I finish this entry let's go back 40 years again with 3 more pictures of Port Askaig in 1968: Looking towards Jura from Port Askaig in 1968, the Lochiel arriving in Port Askaig and a closer look at the Lochiel arriving at Islay.

PS: Other pictures from Islay in 1968 are: Bowmore pier, Bowmore Main Street, Islay Airport car park and plane and a BEA Viscount at Islay airport March 68.

The CD playing while I was comparing pictures and writing this entry was The Fratellis - Here We Stand

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