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Sunday, 27/Jul/2008

Islay Blogging Roundup #41

Now let's see if I can still do this. It's 3 weeks since I last wrote an Islay blogging roundup, roundup #40 on the 6th of July. With the summer holiday season I would expect a slowdown in (Islay) blogging activity, but there should still be something to report on. In particular after 3 weeks of inactivity. So, with my fans trying to circulate some fresh air in the flat after todays heat, here's what I found in the blogs mentioning Islay:

Let me start with the quirky and the youngest blogger I think I've ever linked to. Anna Bridget is only 7 months old, so I suspect she's getting a bit of help from a ghostwriter. Anyway, she has a birthmark in the shape of Islay, something probably not a lot of people can claim.

I've just returned from a holiday on Islay, others have done the same or are about to leave for their holidays on Islay. An American New Zealander visited Scotland including Islay early in July. The Bubbblegun Boy is also back from Islay after a camping and fishing holiday.

The Alternative Anna first hinted of a holiday on Islay early in July, then last week she announced her holiday plans and this weekend she's on her way home again. She promises a ‘proper holiday report’ for later, so I've got something to link to in another roundup.

Not sure when this was, but I'm guessing during a visit to Islay in June or early July: Posthegemony posts a picture of the phonebox near Carnduncan. I think that's possibly the most photographed phone box on Islay. Yes, I've got one somewhere as well.

On to sea kayaking around Islay. Douglas Wilcox of Sea kayaking with has finally been to Islay and posts a series of entries from that visit, as to be expected with great pictures:

He's taking a break from blogging this weekend (presumably he's away, kayaking or climbing somewhere), but I expect further entries from the tour. Douglas also mentions a Tragedy in the Sound of Islay, unfortunately an angler died after getting into trouble in the Sound of Islay.

The For Argyll website (partly run by Radio Fyneside) is increasingly mentioning Islay and Jura in their postings, last week including celebations on Jura and the new ferry terminal in Port Ellen.

OK, time for some whisky mentions. The Germans go first, continues their series about the Feis Isle bottlings with part 4 and Bunnahabhain. Their Neuigkeiten der Woche (News of the Week) also include a number of Islay mentions. One of which is the following (although they weren't aware of the follow up when they wrote their roundup):

The Blogger writing The Dram Club recently spent a month on Islay. Towards the end of his stay, on his birthday, he visited Laphroaig. What he experienced there made him Annoyed at Laphroaig. Now either someone at Laphroaig is reading blogs or his complaints were passed on, but when he returned home there was something waiting for him. Good news not only for him, so now All is forgiven Laphroaig. has slowed down under the summer heat, although they used a recent spot of bad weather (was that when I was struggling on the M6?) to taste the Bruichladdich Peat. The verdict is positive, something I can agree with after picking up a bottle during my holiday.

Not strictly a whisky entry, but for Ardbeg lovers (Hi Tom) this entry about animations might still be interesting: Animation Blog: Selina Wagner "A Knotty Escapade", "Feeling Ropy" & "Hair of the Dog"

Tom also seems to take a break, although he did write an entry just as I was leaving for my holiday: Geheimnisse um Port Ellen (Mysteries around Port Ellen).

The Bruichladdich blog mentions New Summer Releases from the Laddieshop. That's after Seeing the Wood from the Trees before the news that the New Washback was Completed. Ron also has a few pictures.

He recounts Racing the Sound of Islay with a few pictures and tells people hot to Drive Safely on Islay's Roads.

Scott and Bron continue reporting about Life on Islay, telling us What Bron's been doing (quite a lot) and writing about Gridlock on Islay.

Last but not least the wildlife, in particular the birdwatching: John Armitage is still away (but should return today), but the Islay Birds is holding the fort and keeps us updated: A young corncrake was spotted through the kitchen window of one of the cottages at Kilchoman House Cottages (knowing the cottages I believe either Fieldgate or Shepherd's cottage, keep that in mind when booking ;-))

In the nice weather the seals are lazy as well, while a recent survey brought a variety of birds (but a lack of Shelduck ducklings). There's also a very interesting story about an Eagle, an Adder and a Hare. Not giving anything away here, follow the link and read it at the Islay Birds blog.

With that I close this weeks roundup, as usual the quick reference to the Scottish Roundup: A number of entries in the last three weeks, including Loves! Labour’s Lost!, Glasgow East by-election special, The Battle For Baillieston (oh, and rest of Glasgow East as well) and A few admin notes.

The CD playing while putting this roundup together is the same as yesterday when I was working on Islay Hotel panoramas, it is R.E.M. - Accelerate. That's all.

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