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Sunday, 06/Jul/2008

Islay Blogging Roundup #40

The decision to stay at home and work on my Isle of Islay pages and the travelogue turned out to be a very wise decision. While I saw some very very very wet canal boat skippers outside from my window I was able to add two new panoramas to my Islay Distillery Panoramas collection. But more about that later. Now it's time for the Islay blogging roundup, where have the blogs been mentioning Islay over the last week or so?

Last week I missed the Islay Birds blog update by minutes, so let me start with it today. Ian has now returned from Paisley and is busy updating the blog. The second Corncrake survey brought 80 calling birds, 15 more than last year. Regular sightings of the Osprey continue while 2 Golden Eagles were also spotted.

With Ian returning another Islay Birder has left Islay for a ‘holiday’. John Armitage is looking after his daughters in Kirkhill. He's still fitting in some birdwatching though and has plans to catch a few moths.

Jeremy Hastings has returned from France only to immediately leave again for a Wildwood Wisdom Camp. The camp then turned out Wet wet and and very wild.

Not really wildlife, but Ron writes How Pigs Help to Manage Lands on Islay and follows up with The Pigs on Dunlossit Estate. He also tells us about Small Isles Catering at Feolin on Jura, in case you get hungry.

Ready for some whisky? In the spirit of language week let me start with some German language blogs:

Tom of the ardblog writes about a meeting with the Laphroaig Collector: Der Laphroaigcollector at Persabus Pottery. I don't like coffee, but others do, they might be interested in Kaffee-Rahmeis mit Islay-Whisky (coffee ice-cream with Islay whisky, Bruichladdich to be precise). in the meantime continues with Die Feis Ile Bottlings 2008 – und wo man sie kaufen kann, Teil 3.

Bruichladdich's latest offerings are picked up by a number of blogs, among them, The Whisky Scape Society and also kick of a series of interviews, starting with interview with Michael ‘Mickey’ Heads, distillery manager of Ardbeg. This promises to be interesting.

Using the importance of the whisky industry for Islay as an example The Dram Club has some interesting thoughts: Celebrate Whisky. We should expect to see more from this blog, as the blogger has just arrived for a holiday on Islay.

Speaking of holidays, Joan Mitjavila has just returned from a visit to Scotland and Islay. He writes about his visit to Islay in Malt whisky: Visita a Islay.

I can't find the ‘About’ page for this blog, but I think the blogger is a Brit living in Japan. Anyway, he just wrote The Great British Holiday - long winded version. Which obviously includes a visit to Islay, why would I link to it in an Islay blogging roundup otherwise?

Anything else?

Yes. Private sale smashes Blonde record writes Taking Stock. It's about a bull Islay cattleman James Porter has just bought for 10,000 guineas. Now I only need to find out what that is in a currency I know...

I'm not sure who is behind this blog, but Calmac Ferries has an entry about the Isle Of Arran - 10/8/07.

That's all for this week, the week in Islay blogging. As usual the quick mention of the Scottish Roundup, where Stephen claims Recess Begins and All Hell Breaks Loose. Bedtime for me though, no hellraising. More Islay blogging tomorrow.

Oh, and the CD entertaining me while pulling this roundup together is The Housemartins - Now That's What I Call Quite Good. And the whisky was a Laphroaig Quarter Cask.

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