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Sunday, 06/Jul/2008

Islay Travelogue 2007 Progress

Picture of a man walking in the hills of an island

It doesn't really feel like summer here in Aldermaston Wharf today, more like autumn. Fairly cold, very wet, quite windy. Islay seems to fare slightly better, according to the latest weather observations. A good time to stay indoors and do some work on my websites. After my mother's death earlier this year I kept pushing out completing the Two weeks on Islay in June 2007 travelogue. Too many memories of her as it turned out to be our last holiday on Islay together.

But pushing it out again and again doesn't help either so I finally got my act together and made some progress. Last night I completed the hillwalking at Sanaigmore page, this morning I wrote a page about the sun breaking through over Loch Gorm after a rainy day. It feels good to make some progress on it.

I'm off now to brave the rain for a (late) morning run along the canal, hopefully more new Islay pages and panoramas this afternoon. A panorama of Kilchoman Distillery is on the list, time permitting I'm hoping to also at least start the page about hillwalking at Beinn Tart a'Mhill.

No CD was playing while writing this entry, instead I was listening to BBC 6 Music.

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