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Saturday, 05/Jul/2008

Young Gamekeeper of the Year from Islay

Picture of a gamekeeper with a group of walkers, pointing out a feature

Islay and Jura are blessed with a number of great gamekeeper. Over the years I've met quite a few of them, mainly during the Islay Walking Week. Through their work they know they patches extremely well and are fantastic guides. The one this entry is about I haven't met yet though, at least not knowingly. After some news I just found I hope to meet him during one of my next visits to Islay:

Alan MacDonald, gamekeeper at Islay Estates, has won the inaugural Scottish Young Gamekeeper of the Year award as the Press & Journal reports today:

Scottish Gamekeepers Association chairman Alex Hogg described Mr MacDonald’s approach to his job as a model for modern gamekeepers, and said he was impressed by his knowledge, not just of the hill environment, but also the underlying debate which surrounds shooting and conservation.

His boss, Jack Adamson, head keeper at Islay Estates, is understandably very happy with Alan's success. As I haven't got a picture of Alan I hope Jack will forgive me for using a picture of him leading us during last years Islay walking week to illustrate this entry. Both are great representatives for Islay Estate. May be Alan will get an opportunity to guide a walk as well some day?

As of writing this I couldn't find anything on the Scottish Gamekeepers Association website, I hope they will publish something on it as well.

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