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Friday, 04/Jul/2008

Friday Islay Picture (64)

Late Islay blogging again today. Unfortunately had to sort out some urgent and complicated paperwork. Not my idea of fun for a Friday evening, but it had to be done. Anyway, back to Islay and the traditional Friday Islay picture. I think the picture is no big surprise after what I mentioned this morning. A picture of a modern passenger plane at Islay Airport, taken on a beautiful June day in 2007:

Picture of a small modern passenger jet at Islay Airport

Compare that to a picture of the Liberty Belle Carl Reavey of The Ileach newspaper sent me today and you start to appreciate what a big plane the Boeing B17 is:

Picture of a Boeing B17 named Liberty Belle

Interesting contrast in the weather between the two pictures as well. The weather forecast for where I am doesn't look too great for this weekend with lots of rain. Quite possibly I'll stay at home for most of the weekend then, preparing for the holiday and doing a bit more Islay blogging. May the weather be right for whatever you have planned for the weekend. Have a great and relaxing weekend!

The CD playing and bringing back a bit of ‘nostalgia’ while I was preparing the pictures and writing this entry was Cast - All Change (released in 1995, when I first moved to the UK...)

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