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Monday, 04/Aug/2008

What is Writing About?

Now that might sound like a rather stupid question. Islay obviously. We all know that. But which words am I using to write about Islay? The answer is provided by a website called wordle. They have an application which creates ‘beautiful word clouds’. I had seen it on a variety of other blogs, when I also saw one at The Cartoonist (he's writing one of the first blogs I ever read) I decided to give it a try as well. Here's the one for

Screenshot of a Wordle cloud

The Wordle cloud for

The size of the word is proportional to the frequency it is being used on the page (or other input) Wordle analyses. Not surprisingly ‘Islay’ is quite big, bigger than everything else by quite a margin. ‘Journey’, ‘ferry’ and ‘destination’ also do rather well. The ‘Friday’ is from the Friday Islay pictures. ‘Beaches’ seem to be popular and for some reason ‘Well’ seems to do rather, ahem, well.

Apologies to ‘Jura’ and ‘Colonsay’ which don't seem to get as much attention as they probably deserve as Islay's closest neighbours. May be the ripple effect isn't as big as it should be?

Now this cloud isn't fixed, it is based on the front page of the blog as it looked today. If I run it again in a months time it might look different. Apart from the ‘Islay’ bit, obviously.

In case you're interested which music playing while I was considering the words being used on this blog, that was Teenage Fanclub - Man-Made.

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