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Sunday, 03/Aug/2008

Islay Blogging Roundup #42

After all that Islay ferry video fun earlier it is now back to some more text about Islay. Some nice music is playing, I've got a large cup of tea, a few scones, some chocolate biscuits and also a wee dram of Islay single malt for once it's all done. Time to attempt to summarise what the blogs have been writing about Islay this week:

Let me start with a bit of technology, the latest news from the wave power station near Portnahaven received quite a bit of coverage: Argyll and Bute harnesses wave power writes Secret Scotland. Ron has some pictures of the event. Even a Hungarian blog picks it up and writes Megkezdte a termelést a legnagyobb brit hullámturbina

Staying with a language I can't read, let alone speak, there's the blog of Peter and Veronika. I believe they are either Czech or Slovakian and write something about Islay: Presúvame sa do Škótska na ostrov ISLAY. They have been to Islay at least once, as the pictures prove: Nech sa paci, fotky!! (more here: Uz sa chystame domov... pomalicky. and here: To Slovensko nase. They also write about Moving to Scotland - Isle of ISLAY, but I'm not sure if those are plans or if they've moved already.

In last week's roundup I mentioned Douglas' Sea kayaking with There were a few more Islay related entries this week:

Someone called Ron (no, not the one of IslayInfo, another one) also recently visited Islay and Jura, on the yacht Kaemara: Through the Sound of Jura to Craighouse, Jura, then on to Port Ellen, Islay. On Islay he and his crew visited Bowmore, the west coast of Islay and the American Monument. From Sweden the S/Y GICA visited as well and they simply report of Islay & single malt whiskey.

Tom from the ardblog looks back at his holidays on holiday and is trying to find a few other visitors: Wanted! Folgende Islay-Reisende. If you recognise any of them (or even are one of them) please get in contact with Tom.

The Alternative Anna was going to post pictures from her Islay trip, but it looks like she ran into a few problems. Hopefully I can mention her again in the next roundup, then with pictures.

Now on to birdwatching and wildlife:

First something in French. Don't get confused by English title, the text is in French: Volontariat RSPB Scotland - Islay, United Kingdom Travel Blog.

Islay Birder John Armitage is back on Islay, but with bad weather there wasn't very much to see. It got worse before it got better, culminating in a brilliant day with various waders and a frustrated osprey.

Ian's Islay Birds blog also has news of the Osprey, this time it being mobbed by a Black Backed Gull. There are not only birds to be found on his blog, no, he also treats us to a Golden Ringed Dragonfly. Michal in the meantime went out to Killinallan and Gortantaoid, coming back with a picture of a Ringed Plover.

Scott and Bron are finally Fenced in at last while the Bruichladdich Blog spots an Apparition. Ron writes about Land Management Pigs at Dunlossit Estate.

I guess this leaves the whisky. Let me start with an entry I've been waiting for quite a while: Drinking in the UK, Part Four (the road to Islay) (Part 3 was written in January...). The Dryckesportalen writes about Kilchoman. The Moldy Chum in the meantime exclaims Gaston! We're going to need another case of Laphroaig. Hm, I think that's a case of IWOOT! Well, may be.

The last blog entry I'm going to mention today left me wondering if I'm a commentator, influencer, evangelist or critic. And will me writing about the Isle of Islay have a ‘ripple effect’ on Jura and Colonsay? Just like writing about Laphroaig on Ardbeg (even though I'm actually drinking a Bruichladdich Peat just now)? A little Background on SMFA (aka Social Media Footprint Analysis) doesn't really answer it, but uses Islay whisky as an example.

So that's all for this week. I was listening to ‘Träumerei im Kaffeeehaus’ and ‘Lieben Sie Strauß?’ by the Bremer Kaffeehaus-Orchester while pulling this roundup together. I've already mentioned which whisky I enjoyed while finishing this entry, so the only thing that remains is the regular reference to the Scottish Roundup. This week with After Glasgow and, sorry, no, there is no distillery on Eilean Mhic Coinnich.

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