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Tuesday, 05/Aug/2008

Islay on BBC Nature UK

After Jura on BBC Radio 4 earlier today I thought I needed to get back to Islay with something about Islay on the BBC. Looking through my bookmarks I found these BBC - Nature UK - Search Results for Islay. As of writing this there are two results (hopefully more will become available over time!), one video and one sound file:

The 10min video is called BBC - Nature UK - Loch Gruinart. It is mainly about the RSPB Loch Gruinart reserve and how it is managed to support in particular the famous geese. A few familiar faces in Hermione Cockburn's programme: James How of the RSPB (watch how quick he can count the geese!) at Loch Gruinart and Ian and Margaret Brooke of Kilchoman House Cottages, RSPB volunteers and Islay Birds bloggers.

The 30min sound file is called Sounds of Britain: Islay (unfortunately requires RealPlayer). It is a programme by Paul Evans and Chris Watson about the various sounds of Islay, mainly the birds. Among others you get to hear Corncrakes calling and Snipes drumming. But the sounds of a distillery (in this case Bruichladdich) also make an appearance.

Both programmes are slightly older, but then again nature doesn't change that much over a year: The Sounds of Islay programme is from September 2007, I believe the video is from 2006 or early 2007.

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