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Thursday, 07/Aug/2008

Beinn Bheigier, The Top of Islay

Picture of a group of walkers walking towards a larger hill

Islay isn't particularly known for high and demanding hills, which shouldn't come as a surprise considering that its highest hill is ‘only’ 491m (1,611ft). That hill is Beinn Bheigier or Beinn Bheigeir (I've found both spellings, not entirely sure which one is right), or sometimes anglicised as Ben Vicar. It is in the south east of Islay, towering above Ardtalla. Earlier today I found a video on YouTube of a walk on Beinn Bheigier, Glas Bheinn and to McArthur's Head:


Unfortunately there is a lot of wind noise on the video, so you might want to turn down the volume before clicking the play button. On the other hand it in a way might give you an impression of the fierce winds you can experience when climbing it.

I've been to the summit twice so far: The first time was during WalkIslay 2005, when Calum Sharp took us up Beinn Bheigier. The QuickTime VR panorama of the view north and east from Beinn Bheigier gives an impression from the summit.

The second time was during this years WalkIslay 2008, I haven't found the time yet to write the travelogue for it. During that walk a very fierce and cold wind was blowing. You can't really see it in the picture, but it was quite uncomfortable at the summit:

Picture of a group of walkers at the summit cairn and trigpoint of Beinn Bheigier on Islay

In case you think some of this might sound familiar, I've written about it on this blog before: As early as 2006 with Ben Vicar / Beinn Bheigier and again at least indirectly in March 2007 when writing about Islay's Marilyns. I hope it will inspire you to try it yourself (provided you're fit enough and have the right gear).

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