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Friday, 08/Aug/2008

Friday Islay Picture (68)

Eighth of August Twothousandandeight. Or for some 8/8/8. I didn't start early enough to make this Friday Islay Picture nr 88, but at least it is nr 68. This week I'm going to post a picture which is the opposite view of the one in Friday Islay Picture (66). Two weeks ago we were looking from the top floor of the Islay Hotel in Port Ellen over Port Ellen Marina to Rubha a'Chuinnlein. Today we look the other way:

Picture of a view over a small sea loch harbour with a marina and a village

In the foreground Loch Leòdamais with the marina. Frederick Crescent follows the shore, on the right the police station where George Robertson was born. Just to the left of the centre of the picture you can see the building site for the hotel. The view two weeks ago was from the top of it. The hotel brings up two points, a reminder and my plans for the weekend:

Less than a week to go until the Spot The Whisky Barrel competition closes on 14/Aug/2008. If you're on Islay you can either buy your ticket in the site office (on Frederick Crescent opposite the building site) or on the last day, 14/Aug/2008, at the Islay Show. If not just enter online.

After the Islay Ferry Crossing Video my next bigger video project will be a walk around the under construction Islay Hotel. The weather forecast for down here is suitably bad, so fingers crossed I'll be able to complete it over the weekend.

With that all that remains is to wish you a great weekend, whereever you are, whatever your weather is and whatever your plans are. Oh, no CD playing yet, listening to BBC 6 Music this evening.

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