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Thursday, 30/Aug/2007

Tom Friedrich and George Robertson, Two Famous Islay People

Over the last few weeks I mentioned two people on and from Islay, Tom Friedrich and George Robertson. Today a quick update on both of them and the related entries in this entry:

Picture of a police station in an old building (Port Ellen police station on Islay)

The When the Boats Went Down programme by George Robertson is now available to listen again on the BBC - Radio Scotland - Features page. Scroll down to Wednesday and then click on the link titled ‘When the Boats Went Down: An Islay Story’. I believe it will be available for one week, i.e. until the 5th of September. George Robertson has done quite a lot over the last few years to promote his native Islay, where he was born in the Port Ellen police station. I assume it was the one in the picture above, as I doubt it moved in his lifetime. Last year he published his book Islay and Jura (Images of Scotland), now this radio programme and probably a number of other activities.

From George Robertson it isn't far to Tom Friedrich:

The name of Tom Friedrich fell several times in connection with the sale of Islay House and a possible community buyout as he is the current owner of Islay House. The Sunday Times has a very interesting portrait of the life of Tom Friedrich, his life as a pilot, how he lives in Islay House and his decision to sell up: A last fling in Scotland. Certainly a colourful life!

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