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Saturday, 09/Aug/2008

Whisky Powered Racing Car on Islay

Last Tuesday the Bruichladdich Blog mentioned a mysterious Guest Distiller coming to Islay. On Thursday Mark revealed who the visitors were and why the had come to Islay: Oz & James' Great British Adventure. Wine writer and author Oz Clarke and Top Gear presenter James May came to Bruichladdich to drive a Radical SR4 powered by whisky for an upcoming BBC 2 programme. While the programme won't be broadcasted until later in the year you can find some independent footage of the event on YouTube:


There are two more videos of the event taken by TommyCislay:

All videos found with a little bit of help of Forums: Can James make a car drive on booze?

Certainly an interesting experiment, although I guess some whisky lovers will wince seeing the precious whisky being burned noisily for a few seconds of speed. And I assume James and Oz had their real taste of the Bruichladdich X4 after the driving and filming, not before...

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