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Sunday, 10/Aug/2008

Rebuilding the Islay Hotel Video

As forecasted the weather turned out to be quite horrible yesterday here at HQ. While many other people probably watched this Olympics thingy going on at the moment I decided to make my own programme instead. After the Islay Ferry Crossing Video last weekend I had a go at a video about the progress at the Islay Hotel in Port Ellen. Here is what I came up with:


In the video I've tried to link some older pictures of the original Islay Hotel in 2006 and the demolition in 2007 with new video footage shot in July 2008. Walking around as well as through the hotel up to the second or attic floor should hopefully give a good impression of the progress to date and how the new Islay Hotel (which will get a different, as yet unreleased name) will be.

Many thanks to Roland and Peter for taking me around the hotel and explaining the various features. I've combined footage from two different days to create the tour, so don't be surprised if the weather changes several times during the tour.

In the 6 minute video you get to see views of the outside from the front as well as the back of the hotel. Next we go indoors, where we start in the future kitchen and then walk upstairs. We take a look at the ‘Master bedroom’ and the fine views it will have. Climbing the stairs to the second or attic floor we reach the top of the building. As construction of it hadn't started yet we have great views over Port Ellen and around including Loch Leòdamais, Kilnaughton Bay and the Port Ellen Maltings.

Returning indoors we walk to the first floor landing from the guest rooms, then descend the stairs to the reception area. A quick look into the bar and restaurant area with the fireplace. We then leave the hotel through the future main entrance before letting Roland praise the work done so far. The video closes with two pictures: An architects drawing of the future hotel compared to a still picture from July 2008.

I hope you enjoy the video and that it will give you some insight into the progress and the plans for the hotel. I'll aim to record further videos during future visits to Islay, creating further tours of the hotel. Suggestions for ‘steadycams’ (or whatever these things are called) would be appreciated, hopefully walking will be less ‘jerky’ next time.

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