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Sunday, 17/Aug/2008

Islay Blogging Roundup #44

Sunday afternoon, just gone 17:00. My sister should by now be in the air, probably somewhere above the English Channel. We had a nice weekend together, yesterday opening the Bruichladdich PC6 before a nice dinner at The Rowbarge, today we visited Windsor before I dropped her off at Heathrow Terminal 5. Meaning I now have some time for Islay blogging again, as to be expected the weekly Islay blogging roundup. So what have the blogs been writing about Islay over the last week or so?

As mentioned last week Douglas of Sea kayaking with is now on holiday, however, that doesn't mean there isn't any blogging about kayaking around Islay: Pam went on an escape to Islay, where she went sea kayaking around Portnahaven and Frenchman's Rocks.

From the quiet and rather peaceful sea kayaking to something rather noisy. The Whisky Powered Racing Car on Islay is picked up by a number of blogs:

The Bruichladdich blog provides an update on Oz & James’ Radical X4 Adventure with some further detail. says Bet the exhaust smells great while The Whisky Grotto puts more whisky in the tank. The story is also picked up over in Germany where Home of Whisky titles Islay Whisky als Benzin-Ersatz ?!

Luckily not all whisky is used as fuel for cars, some it is also tasted and drunk as it is supposed to: The Whiskyscape Society tries the Laphroaig QC while Martin on (!) writes his thoughts about the Laphroaig 10 (a long discussion follows). A blog from Singapore picks up a bottle of Lagavulin 1991 Distillers Edition.

Bob and Elaine combined sailing and whisky, they went on The Classic Malts Cruise – Whisky Galore! with their sailing yacht Pipistrelle. The cruise obviously includes a visit to Islay, scroll down a bit on their report.

Going back a few months is Jörg Bechtold, to the Islay Festival. If you can understand German you might be interested to know that the Malt Germaniacs: Bericht zum Islay Festival 2008 veröffentlicht.

From whisky to other topics: Strictly speaking the next one isn't a blog, but a forum. Decided to pick it anyway, a picture of LT 966 Charlotte in Port Charlotte on Trawler Photos.

Ron has been quite busy with Port Wemyss: After writing about Port Wemyss - The Path of the Fisherman he also added more updates on his IslayInfo website. Earlier in the week he launched his own Islay Web Directory

That leaves the birdwatching:

On the Islay Birds blog Ian mentions not much birdwatching was done on Thursday because of the Islay Show, only to be corrected to say he had forgotten to mention the various Birds of Prey. Earlier in the week 4 Spotted Flycatchers and a Rose coloured Starling were spotted.

Islay Birder John Armitage is fully mobile again. He reports of fewer birds migrating on the sea passage with the weather deteriorating. He also mentions rabbits affected by myxamatosis reducing the supply for Eagles, Buzzards, Raven and Hooded Crows in some areas.

Jeremy Hastings of Islay Birding News mentions Dawn, Merlin and Islay Show and a successful show day. The week finishes Wet and Wild...

And that's all for now. Still quite a lot of Islay blogging despite the Olympics happening at the moment. The Scottish Roundup has a Focus on Fife this week. Just in case you're interested.

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