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Tuesday, 19/Aug/2008

Mountain Biking on Islay?

Islay isn't really a place I would associate with mountain biking. Not really with road biking either, but then there's Brian Palmer with his washing machine post who has firmly put Islay on the cycling map. Cycling off road on Islay I hadn't really heard much of, let alone downhill biking. Until yesterday when I saw this:


He's cycling downhill from the old Kilchiaran Radar station on two different routes on his mountain bike, one going above and one below Granny's Rock. I think he realises himself that the first route may be wasn't such a good idea, if something had gone wrong it could have taken a very nasty end. To put it simply, the cliffs are quite high and steep. I certainly wouldn't recommend copying him on that route.

But he's also done some more ‘civilised’ mountain biking, or in this case ridge biking:


This is on the ridge behind the raised beach at Uiskentuie, probably quite a bit safer than what you saw in the previous video. I don't know if Robin will post further videos, the numbering suggests there might be more in the pipeline. Certainly looks like he's enjoyed his holiday and mountain biking on Islay.

PS: For any outdoor activities on Islay you should be aware of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, which has a Practical A-Z guide for recreation users.

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