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Monday, 25/Aug/2008

Watching Buzzards on Islay Video

Bank holiday Monday morning Islay blogging: Depending on where you are in the world you might be as lucky as me and have the day off or you're back in the office after the weekend. Should you be reading this in an office somewhere let me take you away for 2 minutes with my first Islay wildlife video, Buzzards at Kilchoman:

DirectWatchingBuzzardsAtKilchoman,IsleOfIslay (I recommend using the ‘watch in high quality’ option, picture is much better)

While it doesn't reach the quality of the work of some of the professionals I'm still quite happy with my first effort:

During a walk at the Kilchoman Crags on the west coast of Islay I spotted these 2 Buzzards. I managed to capture some views of them on video. This video combines footage of the area with the Buzzards flying above, hopefully giving a good impression of where they live and hunt as well as the Buzzards themselves.

While Buzzards are not rare birds of prey and there are more interesting birds (e.g. Golden Eagles, Choughs, the large number of Geese) on Islay this is my first attempt at (amateur) wildlife video. Hopefully I'll be able to capture other birds on video in the future.

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