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Tuesday, 26/Aug/2008

The Orwell Diaries (unfortunately no Jura content)

Many people interested in the Isle of Jura will be aware that George Orwell wrote most of his famous novel Nineteen Eighty-Four on Jura. While there unfortunately won't be any mention of his time on Jura I thought some of you might be interested in an interesting project I came across today:

The Orwell Prize / Orwell Diaries (via)

In this project the Orwell Prize will publish George Orwell's diaries as a blog, exactly 70 years after the entries were written. However, if I understand the About page correctly it will only cover the period 09/Aug/1938 until Oct/1942. Orwell didn't come to Jura until 1945 (and didn't move there until 1946), so unfortunately Jura won't get mentioned in the project.

Nevertheless I thought it is worth mentioning it, I think it is an interesting project (with an interesting use of a blog) and anyone interested in George Orwell (may be through his Jura connection) might find it interesting.

PS: A good report of a visit to Jura and Barnhill

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