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Thursday, 28/Aug/2008

Islay Photosynth

When Microsoft officially launched Photosynth (difficult to explain, read the About Photosynth page) last week one of the first things I checked was if there was anything for Islay. At that time there wasn't, widening my search the only one I found for Scotland was a view of the Falkirk Wheel. That has changed quite a lot by now, as of writing this there are 42 for Scotland, including one for Islay:

IslayIan (one of the usual suspects for this kind of thing) has created an Islay, Scotland Photosynth. It shows a beautiful scene of Port Charlotte on a summer evening. You can move around in it, zoom out, zoom in, select individual pictures etc. Well done, Ian, thank you!

Note: Photosynth has quite high requirements for processor and graphics card. You also need to install a special plugin to be able to view it, for the time being only available for Windows. Sorry, Apple and Linux users.

PS & shameless plug: If Photosynth doesn't work for you but you have the Apple QuickTime plugin installed, try the 180° view over Loch Indaal from Port Charlotte pier instead.

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