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Friday, 05/Sep/2008

Friday Islay Picture #72

While Islay and Scotland as far as I know mostly got away with it (so far) it certainly was a miserable day here in the south. At least as far as the weather is concerned Autumn seems to have arrived, with the forecast for the weekend not looking much better may be the perfect time to sit down with a good (Islay) book? Was that what the inhabitants of Saligo Cottage were doing on Islay when I took this picture back in July?

Picture of a cottage at a single track road at night, a car approaching with the lights leaving their marks on the picture

I took this picture after returning to my car from the evening spent at Saligo Bay I mentioned last Friday. I was trying to capture the full moon over Islay when I heard a car approaching and decided to give it a try. With the long exposure you obviously only get the trails of the car's lights, an interesting effect I think.

With the forecast not looking too promising I'll probably stay at home for most of the weekend, several admin things to get through. In the remaining time I'm planning some reading and more Islay video editing. I've got some video footage from the evening at Saligo Bay, hopefully some of it will be usable for another nice Islay video. Fingers crossed...

Have a great weekend, at the Islay Book Festival or whatever else your plans for this weekend are! This entry was completed with some nice dark chocolate, a wee dram of Ardbeg and music by Billy Bragg & Wilco: Mermaid Avenue Vol.II. Good night!

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