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Monday, 08/Sep/2008

Colonsay Travelogue (with a touch of Islay)

Picture of a large mosaic of a whale made from large stones

For today's entry I've decided to only pass Islay and move straight on to Colonsay. Well, actually, I didn't really, but Roger and Ann Hiley with their two dogs did when visiting Arran and Colonsay in 2006. Their travelogue has been sitting in my bookmarks for a while, I don't think I've linked to it yet though. In mid May 2006 the Hileys went on a ten day Scottish Island holiday, starting on Arran.

From this blogs point of view the second day is much more interesting: After hillwalking on Goatfell they take the ferry to the mainland and then on to Colonsay passing Islay on the way. Having arrived on Colonsay they spent some time discovering the island:

Looks like they had a really good time, despite some mixed weather at times. Colonsay is definitely worth a visit, be it for a few days or even just the Wednesday day trip from Islay.

PS: Another page on the site which caught my eye: A May 2004 visit to Argyll in particular with Gigha (some great views to Islay and Jura there)

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