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Tuesday, 09/Sep/2008

Islay Seals and Fish

Picture of a seal with a lolcat style caption

There are many places where you can find interesting Islay pictures. One of them is Flickr, a source for good Islay pictures I've mentioned at various times already. I don't know his/her name, but Flickr user aclc1 has a very interesting set called Islay and Jura August 2008 with as of writing this 225 pictures (I think he/she might still be uploading more). So what does this have to do with the seals on Islay and fish?

Last night a ‘series’ of three pictures was added to the collection:

I wasn't aware that seals can be so ‘tame’ and let themselves be fed, I always had the impression they're rather shy and prefer to be at a safe distance from humans. This one in Port Ellen obviously isn't.

PS: If you don't understand the caption of my picture above, that's a Lolseal, a close relation to the Lolcat

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